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Entrepreneur Tools Spotlight: Kiva US

December 5, 2016
Article Type: Industry Insights
So, you need a few thousand dollars for a new set of Cambros. Where are you going to get your hands on that sweet sweet cash? How do you feel about zero interest loans? I know, I know. It sounds too good to be true, the kind of offer that…

Kitchen Town Bridges the Gap for Small Food Businesses

April 27, 2016
Article Type: Industry Insights
When Rusty Schwartz and Alberto Solis met the owner of Anna’s Danish Cookies, they knew their vision had found a home. Since meeting over a shared interest in cycling, Rusty and Alberto had come together to launch a commercial kitchen and food start up incubator to fill in the gap…

Planting Roots in American Soil

March 23, 2016
“I have found that refugees are some of the most resilient people that I know.” Aley Kent speaks slowly, choosing her words with a sincere purpose. As a Technical Advisor for Food Systems and Agriculture at International Rescue Committee (IRC) for over a year and a half now, she struggles…

Indie Inspiration: Four Food Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories

March 14, 2016
Article Type: Industry Insights
Stories of good food arriving in unconventional places often come from humble beginnings. From organic mac and cheese, to organic fast food in underserved neighborhoods, each product starts with a need, and that need is often (though not always) matched with earning potential. Feed the world first, each entrepreneur mutters…

How to Work with Food Bloggers

March 2, 2016
Article Type: Industry Insights
My name is Christina and I’m a food blogger.  I’ve been going out to eat, taking pictures, writing about my adventures on East Bay Dish for six and a half years. Through that experience, I’ve learned a lot and I have some suggestions for local business owners. Why should you…

Floating Farms Can Save the World

February 17, 2016
Article Type: Farms
Imagine a world, for a moment, with nine billion people, climate change threatening unpredictable storms and drought, 100% of the arable land completely consumed by farming, but still not enough food to sustain the entire population. This image isn’t far off from what we can expect on earth by 2050.…

Not all Food Jobs are in the Kitchen

February 1, 2016
Article Type: Industry Insights
It began with ice cream. An ad for the Dryden Dairy Day’s 25 cent ice cream cones caught the eye of Cornell students Taylor Cocalis Suarez and Dorothy Neagle and they knew they must attend this important cultural happening. During the course of the road trip, these two campus tour…

So You Wanna Rent a Chicken?

January 25, 2016
Article Type: Industry Insights
Kate Fraser has always cared about bees, but she wanted to be more than just a beekeeper. Her concern for the pollinators encompasses challenges from diseases, from other insects like mites, wasps and beetles, and from human influences such as pesticides and single-crop agriculture that result in toxicity and poor nutrition.…

Farmer’s Market on the Move

January 18, 2016
Article Type: Industry Insights
JeffVanderLou, a northern St.Louis suburb, is a food desert. With convenience stores meeting the nutritional needs of many area residents, the neighborhood offers little in the way of fresh fruit and vegetables. According to census data, the neighborhood is home to approximately 5,500 residents, with a median household income of…

Farming for a Hot Planet

December 8, 2015
Article Type: Farms
By now, the California drought is no longer news to anyone in the country. Most Americans realize that the state’s farmers, who produce about half of all the fruits, vegetables and nuts consumed nationwide, are hurting for water. So it may come as a surprise to learn that a farmer…