About Us

Our Ethos

We’re here because we think small food is better. That is to say, independent food just tastes better to us, and we think you’ll agree.

That’s why Indie Food Hub exists: to vanquish soulless chain restaurants off the face of the earth. Or at least make it easier to get a good burrito no matter what part of the country you live in. We’re here for the food truck owners, the pop up restaurant chefs, and the discerning diner everywhere who’s looking for something different.

Dream Big. Eat Small.

The Indie Food Hub Team

Corey Hill
Corey Hill CEO and Co-founder

Corey has shaped communications policies for numerous organizations throughout the Bay Area and beyond, advising on fundraising and email strategy for nonprofits driving change in the environmental and human rights movements.

He has managed restaurant and retail operations from barbecue to ice cream. Corey is passionate about social justice and good food.

Randy Boyes
Randy Boyes COO and Co-founder

Randy has managed art galleries, nonprofits, and worked in restaurants in the Bay Area since the 1980s. But he has grown weary of these paths, and has turned to a love of food for a new direction.

Recently, he helped his friend David King start the Memphis-inspired Hutch Bar & Kitchen in Oakland — everything from swinging a sledgehammer during demolition to preparing and serving food. Now he is helping nurture and sustain the ‘indie’ food movement and community for years to come.

Advisory Board

Justin Perkins

Justin Perkins, MBA, is Founder and President of OLOMOMO Nut Company, a fast-growing, national, healthy nut snack brand picked by New Hope as one of “the top 10 brands to watch in 2014.” Justin doubles as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships with Care2 – an online community 32+ million of cause conscious consumers.

With Care2, Justin has managed over 500 brand engagement campaigns and high impact partnerships focused on animal rights, human rights, environmental sustainability, and responsible brands. Justin helps nonprofits and impact oriented brands build large and passionate communities of advocates, donors, fans, customers, and brand loyalists online.

Sophia Chang

Sophia Chang is the founder of Kitchener Oakland, an incubator kitchen for start-up foodmakers in Oakland. She was born in Oakland, raised in El Cerrito, and went to college at UC Davis with a BA in Psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys working with people to find their confidence and potential and loves exploring the hidden gems of the Bay Area.

Tia Harrison

Tia Harrison is co-founder of The Butcher’s Guild, she is also author of Butchery & Sausage Making FD, Executive Chef and co-owner of Sociale, a northern Italian-inspired Restaurant, and co-owner of Avedano’s Meats, a neighborhood butcher shop that focuses on whole animal butchery.

Since 2003 Tia has been Executive Chef at Sociale working to expand her expertise as a food professional in San Francisco. In 2007 Tia Harrison opened Avedano’s; the first US women owned and run butcher shop with the inspiration of reviving the dying art of butchering by hand and supporting small farms as well as sustainable food systems.

Mark Dessert

Mark Dessert is the Founder/Owner of Raise the Root, LLC, a Culinary Event Production Company, Founder/Co-Owner of Port Kitchens, LLC, a Coworking Community Kitchen, and Founder/Partner of The Overlook Lounge at The Port Workspaces, a modern rooftop event venue located next one of Oakland's hidden gem's, the Kaiser Center Rooftop Garden.

Mark is an east-coast transplant that has called Oakland home for the past 18 years. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and Design, but made the transition to become a full time Chef and Entrepreneur in 2011 after attending the Natural Chef program at Bauman College. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of food by teaching people how to live healthier lives through cooking.

In 2015 Mark moved his business to its current home at The Kaiser Center where he now runs a unique pairing of businesses designed to bring people together around food, provide opportunity to start up food businesses, and create signature events for the growing Oakland culinary community.